Qualitative Methods

Different problems require different methodologies.

As a full-service agency, we are happy to advise you as well as turn your questions into specific study designs.

"Consent Market & Social Research presents itself as a reliable and competent partner for qualitative social research. The final report was designed in the form of a very clear and appealing PowerPoint presentation. Further processing of the results was and is easily possible for the client."

Florian Strohmayer, chartered engineer

Research & Knowledge Management, Austrian Road Safety Board (KFV)

Qualitative methods not only serve as a precursor to quantitative surveys, they constitute an excellent tool to analyse your brand in comparison with competitors. Results are even comparable temporally with the right interview technique!

For generating insights, we offer

Focus Groups

In this type of qualitative research, around 8 selected participants, who share certain characteristics, are invited to take part. For example, buyers of certain products, customers of specific suppliers, or owners of one type of pets discuss a topic.

The discussion is guided by a skilled moderator using a discussion guide. As the client, you can observe live behind the one-way mirror and thus take home memorable insights.

In-depth Interviews

There are some things people do not want to discuss in the group, but rather with a highly skilled interviewer. In-depth interviews offer the advantage of being very close to a single respondent.



Diary Studies

WIf you have ever wanted to know what your customers' daily life looks like, have them write diaries! Thus, drinking and eating habits, for example, may be revealed or purchases analysed using their receipts.

Accompanied Shopping

Go shopping with your customers! Accompanied shopping makes for interesting moments and surprising insights into the habits and decision-making processes in front of the shelf.


Should you be interested in further information about our qualitative work, please contact us per office@consent-research.com.